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Refugee and Humanitarian Services

The Human Rights and Humanitarian Service Department of the Ambazonia Governing Council have the responsibility to improve the situation of Ambazonians who have suffered or are suffering from repression from the Cameroun government. The Humanitarian Services provided by the HHS Department include:

(1) Promoting respect for the rights of all those who have fled from their homes and internally displaced persons (IDP) or refugees due to unrest and invasion of their communities and villages by arm forces of La Republique du Cameroun.

(2) Fostering the protection, aid, and comfort the Ambazonian people who are affected by the brutal invasion of their space by arm forces of Cameroun.

(3) Providing health, social, political, material, psychological and spiritual support to those in prisons, to IDPs, and to refugees, including assisting with cases of award of legal refugee status in different status

(4) Educating Ambazonians on seeking asylum and safety in other countries of their choice and respecting the laws of those countries considering the current political and military target persecutions in the homeland by Cameroun.

(5) Bringing the voices of those affected by the current mayhem in Ambazonia to the forefront so that they can receive assistance from fellow Ambazonians and the world at large.

(6) Fighting against impunity in genocide, war crimes, extra-judicial killings, crimes against humanity, violation of International Humanitarian Law and gross violation of human rights Law.

Our humanitarian response intervention is carried out through effective coordination with stakeholders, advocacy, information dissemination, and fund drive initiatives.

The response plan of the HHS Department involves swiftly and rapidly assembling its membership to respond to the needs of our affected people as can be seen in the pictures herein. The prompt visit of Department staff to the refugee camps in Nigeria, prison support initiatives, and hospital support missions also demonstrate the fulfillment of the Department’s mandate of meeting the needs of the people. These intervention missions also involve fact-finding of the current situation for better assistance for those in need. Depending on the specificities of the case, the fact-finding mission team or representatives also conduct human rights violation situation evaluations amongst the people in the host country

We collaborate with the State Department of the Ambazonia Governing Council to channel, inform and influence decisions in key human rights and humanitarian bodies across the world to solicit their support for those in need of humanitarian assistance such as refugees. Through these mediums, we make our voices and those of our suffering people heard within the international communities where we solicit funding assistance, international support, and recognition.

In keeping with its mandate and upholding its principles, the HHS Department is committed to encouraging not just the other Departments and offices of the AGC in their public services but also seeking and strengthening collaborative platforms with other bodies working for the common good of the Ambazonian refugees and Ambazonia as a whole.