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Adopt A Freedom Fighter

Ambazonia is under siege. Our people and their property are abducted and destroyed respectively by the military junta of La Republique du Cameroun who brake every international convention, are engaged in genocidal acts, rape, abduct civilians, torture and kill our peace loving people on our streets and in prisons simply because our people stand for their right to freedom of speech, freedom of association, freedom of peaceful assembly, and above all the right to self-determination by which we freely pursue our own economic, social, political, educational, developmental, and cultural progress. Amidst these vortices of ferocious forces threatening our very existence, brave men and women have risen, left their families behind, and are/are opting to give to protect the most vulnerable amongst us and to defend our fundamental human rights in the spirit of the men of the Continental Army under George Washington that defended the freedom of the USA from British rule.

These men and women still have families to take care of while they protect others and defend our human and people’s rights under international law. Many of us cannot be in the field as they are, doing the great acts of charity and of the freedoms of people as they are doing. However, we can take care of their families while they dedicate their plies to this most honorable cause. This is the least we can do for ourselves and people.


1. Chose how many families you want to take care of;

2. Commit a recurrent amount of at least $75.00 monthly

3. You can make payments for many months at a time.

4. Your contributions will go into a special fund reserved only for “freedom families,” and the family will receive the fund monthly.

5. This is programmed to run for five years beginning September 15, 2017 for five years, till our homeland is free, or till the brave men and women stop carrying out their humanitarian and defense of our human rights duties, whichever comes first.

6. This program is intended for you to also build a personal relationship with those serving us, our families and friends in the most honorable of ways with their plies. Therefore, you will receive a message from us if the patriot you have adopted is affected in some significant way in the exercise of his or her duty. Also, God willing, we will introduce you to the family and you will get to meet them when our homeland is finally free.

7. You can always contact us if you have any questions. Please, be advised that for the general safety of these families from the murderers of our people, it is the policy of the Ambazonia Governing Council not to disclose the identity of these families. However, we will endeavor to provide you updates on their commitments and fulfilment of their humanitarian and human rights duties.

8. Your adoption of a freedom family will remain anonymous.