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Communication and Information Technology

Communication and IT Communication and IT

Amabo Cecilia Binwi

Spokesperson of the AGC

Communication and IT

Ambazonia as occupied territory under Cameroun, is constantly under threat of being deprived of communication infrastructure. In fact, in January 2017, the Cameroun government cut internet connect only in Ambazonia for ninety-three (93) days in a deliberate effort to stifle freedom of expression, freedom of the press, and to hide her atrocious torture and killings of the Ambazonian people from the rest of the world.

Our vision is to ensure that communication technologies converge to facilitate viable and sustainable national development, promotion of human rights, transparency, and accountability within Ambazonia and in a global network setting.

Key Policies:

  • Foster rapid development throughout the nation
  • Promote the availability and proper functioning of communication infrastructure through the Ambazonia state
  • Use communication technology to hasten the effective and efficient delivery of private and public services
  • Strengthen institutional and regulatory framework for the management of Information and Communication Technology, while upholding human rights at all times.
  • Enhance the ICT sector in Ambazonia
  • Hold power to account through an independent media


  • Build (basically from scratch) an effective postal and courier services with home deliveries
  • Provide meteorological information and updates for the different parts of Ambazonia
  • Bring in private information, data and media providers to do business throughout Ambazonia
  • Invest in electronic research and communications
  • Become a manufacturing nation in basic communication tools, gadgets and softwares
  • Encourage the establishment of private media outlets throughout the Ambazonia State
  • Ensure that Institutions of Media and Information Technology are established in each Ambazonia State.