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Pascal Kiki



Mount Fako in the State of Fako: An Active/Volacanic Mountain (13,255ft or 4,040meters above the sea cost of the Gulf of Guinea)


Mount Manengouba in the State of Koupe Manengouba (shrew and endemic vegetal species are native to this mountain)


Mount Oku in State of Bui: this 9,879ft mountain is the second highest mountain in mainland Central Africa.


Cultural Regalia in the Bamenda (Nothern Zone)


At the Limbe Wildlife Center in the State of Fako


Lebialem Waterfall in the State of Lebialem presents a beautiful natural sight that shall be developed as a touristic attraction in the Southern Zone


The Great Atlantic Sea Shore in Limbe, the City of Friendship in the State of Fako

The cultural and touristic riches of Ambazonia abound. With over 180 tribes speaking the same over 180 different languages, Ambazonia has over 180 different rich cultures that create a national Ambaland Cultural Mozart. Each tribal culture is unique, yet all blend into a stable community evident in stable intertribal marriages where cultures from different tribes mix yet create balanced and stable families.

The is also an abundance of natural resorts and features that constitute an abundance of touristic attractions. Over the years, terrorist-sponsoring government of Cameroun has mismanaged most of the touristic attractions and emptied them of their content and beauty. Such include the Botanic Garden and the Zoo in Victoria (Limbe) that were once vibrant touristic locations but have been laid to near ruin.

The Ambazonia state shall redevelop our touristic sites to world-class attraction locations to boost our economy. Private investors and the government shall work hand in glove to harness our cultural variety for recreation, national growth, and development.