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Health Health Health Health
Health Health Health Health

Ambazonia cannot develop unless our people are healthy. In a people-focused-nation, the fight against diseases and sicknesses through preventive and curative measures is paramount. Our people continue to suffer from high mortality under the corrupt governance of Cameroun because of poverty, deprivation of fundamental access to healthcare, unequipped medical facilities, lack of health care education, malnutrition, inadequately trained medical personnel, unhygienic environments promoted by unavailability of adequate public works services and unplanned towns and cities, etc.

Ambazonia shall prioritize:

  • Preventive healthcare, including immunization
  • Health insurance for all
  • Excellent nutrition
  • Clean environment
  • Health data keeping, analysis, reporting and actions thereto
  • Accurate birth and death record keeping
  • Highly equipped medical facilities
  • Well-trained licensed generic and specialized medical personnel
  • Public safety
  • Maternal and child health
  • Family planning
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Recreation and fitness
  • Control of ticks and mosquitoes
  • Clean drinking water
  • Good sewage disposal systems
  • Combat of HIV, Hepatitis and other viral diseases
  • Target prevention of malaria, typhoid, diabetes and cancer
  • Continuous research in tropical medicine and the discovery of medicines necessary to halt diseases in our local or national context.
  • Health education to all segments of our population, taking advantage of modern communication tools that are adapted to our local or national realities.
  • There should be no reason why a sick Ambazonian is unable to get the necessary medical attention.