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Office of the Leader and CIC

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Assassination attempt of the leader of the AGC (January 29, 2017)

Cho Cho

The Office of the Leader of the Ambazonia independence revolution and Commander-in-Chief (CIC) of the AGC consist of the incumbent Leader and CIC, who is H.E. Dr. Cho Lucas Ayaba, and multiple levels of others who work with him for the freedom of Ambazonia and the establishment of an independent, sovereign Ambazonia nation. The others include various department administrators, technical advisers, secretary, and council chairs who work daily with Ambazonians at large and the international community for the unique goal of the independence of our homeland and the creation of the new thriving country. Some of the staff are specialized in such areas as secretariat duties, security, economics, budget, information technology, foreign relations, communications, domestic affairs, legislative issues, and trade.

Dr. Cho Lucas Ayaba is a human rights activist who has been in the Ambazonia independence revolution in different capacities since the early 1990s. Born on August 25, 1972, he is the author of Not Guilty: We Versus Them, the Experience of an African Refugee. As a student in the University of Buea in the mid-1990s, he stood fearlessly against injustices in the university administration system. When his fellow university mates were dismissed from the University because they protested against corruption and discriminatory practices against poor students such as hikes in fees that would have sent home many students who could not afford the fees, Dr. Ayaba did something strange. He went alone to the central administration of the University with a placard and staged a one-man-protest in solidarity with others who had suffered the hand of injustice. He was expelled from the University and the Cameroun government began an endless search to arrest him. He has led freedom causes even in other nations and has challenged the government of Cameroon at home and abroad in many instances. Dr. Ayaba is deeply committed to targeted diplomacy, community mobilization, and self-defense of the Ambazonian people against the brutality of the annexationists Cameroun as the strategic path to the independence of Ambazonia. He also insists that Ambazonians must remain united in this mission and goal. He became the Commander-in-Chief of the AGC in 2014 with the mandate to oversee and lead the Ambazonian people to freedom once and for all and to ensure that Ambazonia is stable on and from the day of independence and has is fully ready to function as a sovereign nation. He has led the AGC to multiple targeted diplomacy missions securing significant international favor for Ambazonia. Despite multiple assassination attempts that Cameroun has made against his life, he continues to walk where many dare not go to foster the security of our homeland.

 He was reelected democratically into office on August 24, 2017.