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Home and State Affairs


Dr. Larry Ayamba

Dr, Larry Ayamba

Secretary of State of the Ambazonia Governing Council (AGC) since 2014

People of Ambazonia

The Department of Home and State Affairs oversees the matters of the internal administration of the homeland and foreign relations. At the home front, it engages in community mobilization and establishment of Ambazonia Missions at home and abroad, which are missions of and to the Ambazonian people who the Ambazonia Governing Council undertakes and is committed to liberating. It has engaged in more than eighty diplomatic missions in 2017 to foreign governments and international organizations in all seven continents, including the United Nations, the African Union, and the European Union where it has worked closely with our international partners to establish and secure significant diplomatic relations. Through the work of the Department of Home and State Affairs, the AGC has sealed for the Ambazonian people significant international working relations and support that shall be made public at the appropriate time.

Communities form the bedrock of local governments, hence, constitute the foundation of any modern day participatory and democratic society which we as a people aspire to build. The spoliation of the fabric of our communities and local government under the current construct with La Republique du Cameroun has caused us so much pain in terms of our abilities to use our community potentials and resources to build shared prosperity using a bottom-up approach in our country.

Prior to the invasion of our land, our forebears had used our colonial heritage from Great Britain for good course as the local communities were very engaged with their political leaders in a dynamic spirit of political activism and consciousness. The nascent nation was a pure open society, characterized by a vibrant free press, a very charged but convivial political atmosphere and an engaged community base. The remnants of this glorious era in our existence can be seen with “Keep Victoria Clean”, or “Keep Buea Clean” where communities were involved in the activities of their wellbeing. Also, Community fields and Community Halls, with youth centers which are powerful instrument for community participation and public policy. Communities and local governments could mobilize to seek the construction of a water system for their communities like the Banso people did with their water supply, which the colonial institution called SNEC tried to hijack.

Yet, all these institutions of our heritage were gradually dismantled when the Republic of Cameroun in colonial master style took over our land and installed a very centralized dictatorship where the decision to construct a water fountain in the smallest community in Mankon must wait for the king passing for a president in Yaoundé to decide. Our communities and local governments have since been locked under the stranglehold of a colonial administration made up of prefects and sub-prefects, governors all of whom are appointed by the colonial master. Even elected local government officials in our communities must answer to the representatives of the colonial state.

The attainment of our nation and statehood in the Federation of Ambazonia will re-establish the prideful place of our communities as a kingpin institution in the governance of our land. The communities will be involved in their local governments through a system involving a thorough population census, direct participatory elections, and the respect of the will of the people. Through such a participatory approach, community control will be the bases of neighborhood management of schools, public hygiene and cleanliness, community water supplies, community parks and recreation, and community participation in the delivery of other local government services.

We envision a federal Ambazonia where power and services are in the hands of the Ambazonian people in their local communities that at once embody our African geocultural identities. Community and citizen participation will help to put some ethics and accountability in the management of our local government. The scourge of corruption that has bedeviled the fabric of our society is the outcome of the Jacobin centralization of the colonial state. Ours, being an open society where public discourse will be fostered, our people will get up to embrace a new society where people will be held to account of their public service, and where through community participation democracy and economic progress will become the reality.