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International Trade



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The office of the Ambazonia Secretary of Trade (SoT) performs supervisory and regulatory functions to oversee the internal and external trade policies, agreements, and act as an advisory organ to the Ambazonia Government, local, and foreign businesses.

Currently, Ambazonia is Annex by the Republic of Cameroun, her businesses and infrastructures have been dismantled, while some have been absurd to the detriment of the colonizer. There is a great need to change the direction as soon as Ambazonia is free into the public-private partnership for prosperity and development. Ambazonia is blessed with Agricultural products, Forestry, Minerals, and natural features to generate energy. The above resources are in dire need of foreign investors to partner with the Ambazonia government or indigenous firms. Most products from ambazonia are mainly in their primary form, it will need investments in the transformation to finished products. There is also some negligence in the transportation sector in which the colonizer willingly forsake not to develop this sector such as the road networks, modern Railway and the Limbe deep seaport which could be the biggest in the West and Central Africa. The transportation system needs finances to gain their full potential, and it is capable of being the hub between the west and central Africa states.

When freedom comes / Petroleum Engineering Institute Mundemba

In a free Ambazonia, the Office of the secretary of trade would be divided into different departments; it will also run some state agencies. The departments in the SoT includes Enterprise development, State Corporations, International trade, National trade, Bureau of trade statistics, and departments of policy and strategic planning. State agencies under SoT office include; The Company registration board and the Ambazonia Chamber of commerce. The SoT would be in charge of the formulating strategies, guidelines, and policies of domestic and international trade and international economic cooperation, drafting regulations governing domestic and foreign investment, and devising implementation of rules and regulations. Ambazonia SoT shall study and put forward proposals on harmonizing legislation on trade in ECOWAS and the World Trade Organisation (WTO).