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Public Safety

Disaster Risk Fire Flood Badge
Soldiers Police men beating a lawyer for protesting against injustices in the legal system Helmet Firetruck

Public Safety refers to the welfare and protection of the general public. It is usually expressed as a governmental responsibility. Unlike most states that have departments for public safety, AMBAZONIA FEDERATION will not be left out. The public safety that involves firefighting, ensuring that policemen respect the basic human rights, counter physical and psychological torture, protect citizens during strikes as it is a basic right unlike the present state where Ambazonians are molested, raped, and tortured by lawless policemen of La Republic du Cameroon.

Public safety focuses on the prevention and protection of the public from dangers affecting safety such as crimes (theft, corruption, police harassment and brutalization, terrorist attack, reckless driving or under the influence of drugs, alcohol etc. or disasters, floods, earthquake) unlike the present state where the useless government of La Republic du Cameroon has completely destroyed everything and put our people in constant fear. Arresting citizens without following protocol, shouting and killing some and no action is taken.

Apart from the aforementioned, this department is responsible for putting in place emergency response procedures, disaster recovery plans to people in case of disasters like accidents, natural disasters like flood or earthquake, and also to control behavioral values considered abnormal to the rules and regulations of AMBAZONIA FEDERATION

Disaster Recovery plan checklist includes the following steps:

  • • Establishing the scope of the activity;
  • • Gathering relevant network infrastructure documents;
  • • Identifying the most serious threats and vulnerabilities, and the most critical assets;
  • • Reviewing the history of unplanned incidents and outages, and how they were handled;
  • • Identifying the current DR strategies;
  • • Identifying the emergency response team;
  • • Having management review and approve the disaster recovery plan;
  • • Testing the plan;
  • • Updating the plan; and
  • • Implementing a Disaster Recovery plan audit.

Public Safety Strategic Advantage to the Ambazonia Federation.

In the days of the State of West Cameroon, the people of Southern Cameroons had a police force that was “the peoples’ police”. They lived in our neighborhoods and cared for the safety of each people without self-interest. They worked by the highest standards of behavior, with honesty, integrity, fairness, and impartiality, and treated members of the public with respect, constantly acted in ways that did not erode public confidence in the police, provided assistance to kids and those in need of emergency attention were tactful and skillful in preventing crimes, and did not abuse their powers and authority. The law to them was to be respected, not to be broken neither by them, their family members and friends, or the general public. Above all, they had smart minds and caring hearts.

La Republique du Cameroun abolished the peoples’ police and replaced with corrupt officials in uniforms, many of whom are intoxicated during working hours, living by extorting money from taxi drivers and our citizens, ransoms for illegal abductions, endless brutality, and continuous torture of our people who are continuously disappearing in their hands.

La Republique du Cameroun policemen torturing Ambazonian university students in Buea while rubbing them in the mud.

La Republique du Cameroun policemen beating a lawyer for protesting against injustices in the legal system.

There are police forces in Africa such as in Rwanda with values that the new Ambazonian policemen shall emulate. Well trained fire brigades should be ready at all times with all the tools necessary to intervene in any fire outbreak emergency.

In the event of natural disasters such as floods, a coordinated team of well-trained community emergency responders including search and rescue staff, medical personnel, etc. which are equipped with all necessary tools and logistics in cities and rural neighborhoods should quickly intervene to save and sustain lives, reduce suffering to the barest minimum possible, and protect property. Both county governments and the federal government will provide different recovery assistance programs to affected communities to rebuild and care for the injured. All assistance materials, including finances, must be provided and used with strict accountability and transparency, with the timely extent of recovery of the community being the assistance effectiveness measurement standard.