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Destruction of the Southern Cameroons Vibrant Economy

Santa Tea Estate

The people of Southern Cameroons lived in economic prosperity before the territory was occupied by La Republique du Cameroun without a union treaty between the government of La Republique du Cameron and the government of Southern Cameroons as it was in the 1960s. After Ahidjo moved his troops and neocolonized Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia), systematic destruction of our economy ensured to keep Ambazonians poor and beggars to the government of La Republique du Cameroun.

Over the years, financial and other establishments set up by the Government of the Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia), as well as private businesses by Southern Cameroons businessmen have all been purposefully and systematically snuffed out: the Development Agency was destroyed; the Cameroons Bank (CAMBANK) was moved to Republique du Cameroun, looted and then closed down; the Marketing Board was looted and its financial reserves of over 78 billion CFA francs (approx. USD160 million) misappropriated with impunity; the Electricity Corporation (POWERCAM) was closed down, its assets confiscated and the hydro-electricity installations in the territory demolished; the Cameroons Timber Company based in Muyuka was closed down and its assets confiscated; John Holt Ltd, Cadbury and Fry, Unilever, UCTC, CCC, and Britind Company Ltd in Limbe were shut down; Fomenky’s Direct.

Santa Tea Estate (Source: The National Archives, UK, OGL)

Supplies company, Niba Automobile company, Nangah company, Kilo Brothers company, Union Profess in Kumba, and Che company were ordered to relocate in Republique du Cameroun and then were deliberately starved of credit and squeezed out; agro-industrial establishments such as Santa Coffee Estate, Obang Farm Settlement, and Wum Area Development Authority were maliciously closed down; also maliciously closed down were Cameroons Air Transport (CAT), the Tiko International Airport, the Besongabang Airport, the Bali Airport, the Weh Airstrip, the Victoria deep seaport, the Tiko seaport, the Ndian seaport, and the Mamfe inland port on the Cross River.


Although oil and gas come from the Southern Cameroons, no oil storage facility has been constructed in the territory, and refined petroleum product is taken from the refinery at Victoria (Limbe) by tankers to Republique du Cameroun and from there, a little quantity is then brought back to the Southern Cameroons for retail sale at prices higher than in Republique du Cameroun.

Foreign investors intending to invest in the Southern Cameroons have always been coerced by Cameroun’s government to invest in Republique du Cameroun.

Building a New Ambazonian Vibrant Economy

  • • Providing economic security and access to opportunities (including education, rich healthy natural food in the homeland, living wage employment that guarantees all Ambazonians a life above the international poverty line, available and affordable housing, and strong and healthy family lives)
  • • Participation in the labor market of all members. Job creation and work should be part of the Ambazonian fabric
  • • Economic poverty breeds poor health; strong economy for a longer lifespan
  • • Asset building, jobs training, health education, and outreach at the local and national levels of government simultaneously
  • • Social connectedness
  • • Robust up to date economic data analysis
  • The renaissance projects will create millions of jobs for our citizens