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Economic Potential

people working together


Harness all available resources to provide the highest sustainable standard of living for our people in collaboration with all national and international stakeholders in the most transparent and democratic manner.


Marginal and vulnerable people in all communities


Indigenous people in the Ambazonia have had a lot of bad and retrogressive experiences characterized by alien rule, exploitation and domination from systematic ploy of our resources, shut down of almost all our economic institutions, denail of access to wealth, and corruption under Cameroun's occupation from 1961 till dat. This is an imposition that the Ambazonian people as represented by the AGC, are determined to bring an end to. At the wake of this, annexation and neocolonialism by the aforementioned alien nation and its debilitating and brutal ramifications have further compounded woes of the people of Ambazonia, and reduced them to lead marginal lives often below a dollar a day. Thus, exacerbating poverty and exaggerating underdevelopment amidst abundant resources in the hands of irresponsible leaders and wasteful squander maniacs who wield power and deprive the masses of a worthy lifestyle.


people in collaboration

Each citizen counts as a premium priority to the character of operations and governance of Ambazonia. Hence, we commit ourselves to work to establish the highest possible standard of living for all our people irrespective of their status: age, sex, disability, culture, race, ethnicity, migratory status, religion, economic background, etc. This is in line with the post millennium development goals and targets. We are guided by the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations, with full respect for international law and its principles. This was reaffirmed by Rio +20 which stressed "the importance of freedom, peace and security, respect for all human rights, including the right to development and the right to an adequate standard of living, including the right to food and food and water, the rule of law, good governance, gender equality, women's empowerment and the overall commitment to just and democratic societies for development as enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as well as other international instruments relating to human rights and international law." Rio +20 promised to strive for a world that is just, equitable and inclusive, and commited to work together to promote sustained and inclusive economic growth, social development and environmental protection and thereby to benefit all, in particular the children of the world, youth and future generations of the world without distinction of any kind.


The Ambazonian people and our global partners are at the centre of our sustainable economic development endeavour. Our work is focused on our people and will be carried out by them in partnership with all national and international stakeholders, and with the application of all resources that will be deemed necessary. In partnership with local communities through the tier of the federation geopolitical administrative units, with respect of the constitution of the land and as a custodian of same, the government of Ambazonia through its prime ministry will mobilize her citizenry to identify local developmental problems in the entire geopolitical grid of the nation, and address them through carefully defined parameters and resources. Problems that span throughout the national territory and have multi-level stakeholders and multiple ramifications shall be spearheaded by the appointment of committees of professionals through related ministries.

In practical terms, we hope to work with individual community members, groups, institutions, councils, organizations, governments, donors and investors by launching public private partnership projects in order to realize the set goals. In this light, the government of Ambazonia shall work via committees legally set up in local communities to handle specifically identified problems with selected and trained persons drawn from within counties, local government areas and precincts. The prime ministry shall have the following departments and correspondent objectives to run its activities coordinated by ministers assigned to each domain:


economic rising
  • Lay emphasis on naturopathy and the use of sustainable health programmes that have limited side effects on human beings and the environment.
  • Construct highly specialized medical facilities throughout the country with well trained medical doctors, nurses, laboratory specialists and other medical professionals fully dedicated to their work.
  • Improve life-expectancy and general wellbeing
  • Provide quality healthcare and services to the public
  • Ensure that each citizen is covered by a health insurance
  • Provide a Primary healthcare centre to each local community
  • Train and deploy primary healthcare workers to manage human health in the community
  • Monitor and report all health problems and sick persons per household for proper attention
  • Improve on maternal health and infant welfare
  • Improve nutrition, water quality, public hygiene and sanitation
  • Ensure compulsory periodic health checks for each citizen
  • Implement proper disease control and prevention strategies and activities.
  • Provide quality medicines and hi-tech medical equipment and facilities to all.
  • Train quality healthcare personnel for use in the system and disseminate appropriate educational resources to the public
  • Carry out mass public education and campaigns against communicable diseases and all health related issues.
  • Document and re-train tradi-practitioners in order to incorporate them in the national healthcare system
  • Set up and run care centres for vulnerable people and those suffering from mental health crises and other disabilities in view of rehabilitation when treated.
  • Train in entrepreneurship and customer service


farm animals

Cocoyams from the State of Ndian

farm animals and crops

Poultry in the State of Fako

  • Emphasis on green agriculture, aquaculture and animal raising habits for sustainable development.
  • Set up and run large, medium and small samples Training and Demonstration Farms for sustainable agriculture, fisheries, and animal husbandry.
  • Land use map is drawn up to allocate permanent project developments sites for agriculture, aquaculture and animal husbandry
  • Farmers are trained on improved eco-friendly farming methods and provided with the best farm tools, quality seeds, farm inputs and equipment to produce high yields per acre per farmer.
  • Plantation agriculture and agribusinesses are supported to mass produce quality value added foods for foreign markets
  • Agric training centres, quality assessment and food processing units established for better food production and distribution
  • Improved and climate resistant varieties of seeds are made available for farmers.
  • Farm produce are carefully preserved, upgraded, processed and packaged for the local and international markets.
  • Train in entrepreneurship and customer services


map of water reservoir

Bakassi rich oil fields in the State of Ndian

  • Ensure excellent sufficient water and green energy supply and quality distribution of same all over the national territory and supply same to neighbouring coutries
  • Preserve and efficiently manage green energy supply sources, water sources, waterways and water bodies for sustainable use and constant supply.
  • Conserve, protect and sustainably use all natural resources for posterity.
  • Adopt and implement afforestation and re-afforestation schemes to check green gas emmisions and market carbon chains in order to check global warming ang climate change.
  • Adopt and implement appropriate rainwater harvesting techniques and water recycling processes to ensure constant supply of fresh water thus reducing the scarcity of this resource in the nation and the world at large
  • Produce green energy and efficiently supply this to the needy in sufficient qualities
  • Improve the quality of air, water and other natural resources.
  • Train in entrepreneurship and customer service


  • Open Schools of Technology and Science, and Community Development Colleges for capacity building ang Talent development.
  • Encourage research and development in all sectors and foster the growth of actors and actresses in Research and Development (R&D) for sustainable development.
  • Oversee that each citizen is given the best educational opportunities to enable him/her to grow and perform exceptional tasks that can enhance the quality of life all over the world.
  • Assist and train state and local entities in the planning and realisation of sustainable development communities so as to attain the development goals.


  • Recruit and train volunteers in the identification, planning and execution of sustainable development community projects in order to meet development goals.
  • Disseminate information on sustainable development goals and targets.
  • Recruit and train volunteer caregivers who will render social services to the sick, enderly, vulnerable people and run mad people's homes.
  • Each community will run a free restaurant for vulnerable people in the communities.
  • Provide social welfare and counseling services to all community members.
  • Train in entrepreneurship and customer services
  • Develop run. And manage a social security model designed to guarantee the economic wellbeing of each Ambazonian from birth, to guarantee a future of safety, productivity and prosperity.


technology and science
  • Manage responsible information packaging and sharing for the sustainable development of the communities
  • Available community Telecentres, Cyber cafes, radio/TV houses, interactive websites, video conferences, seminars, public campaigns, flyers, newsfeeds, newspapers and magazines
  • Information technology and innovation, finished products production, new-techs and scientific breakthroughs.
  • Ensure that relevant information on all government activities are properly disseminated to all community members. Ensure that news reaches each household in the community in various ways and forms.
  • Provide opportunities for elected officials to face public and media for open talks on their performances in public office in town halls.
  • Research, launch and host satellites in space
  • Train in entrepreneurship and customer services


person planting
  • Organize people, institutions and other organizations into cooperatives where they can carry out savings and loans schemes to build up and use resources for growth
  • Operate and run businesses, invest in joint ventures and provide funding for many community projects.
  • Teach community members business and entrepreneurial skills and stock exchange values and revelance. Present the value of investment and letting money work for money and not people.
  • Train and register groups and other cooperative branches
  • Train in entrepreneurship and customer services
  • Award people who excel in this domain


map of an underwater reservoir
  • Work with community members to build relevant ultra modern infrastructure, especially in safe air, rail, and highway transportation, water and sewage disposal, communication network and energy
  • Available and affordable real estate development
  • Impact assessments prior to development projects
  • Establish green homes and guarantee appropriate sewage disposal schemes
  • Build recreational facilities, amusement parks and create green belts for all settlements.
  • Train in entrepreneurship and customer services


  • Improve land, air and water transport by building safe structures and equipping the infrastructure with hi-tech eco-friendly trains/vehicles/ship/airplanes.
  • Work with communities and international investors to build local, collector and arterial roads, seaports, river ports and airports/strips infrastructure and provide user friendly transportation facilities.
  • Train in entrepreneurship and customer services
  • Car manufacturing, assembly and sales within Ambazonia
  • Investments in ship and airplane building
  • Incorporate new urbanism ideas in transporation infrastructure
  • Award people who excel in this domain
  • Available network of buses, cars, trains, airplanes and trams, and manage the bus stations, train stations, airports, and tram stations.


  • Set up and run community cooperative union shops to sell and buy essential commodities at affordable prices in each community.
  • Operate a prize stabilization fund for farm produce.
  • Grant subsidies and other forms of assistance to farmers and business people
  • Train in law, entrepreneurship and customer services
  • Award people who excel in this domain
  • Establish trading partnership nationally and globally for the sales of produce from each County and its communities.


cultural land
  • Create and run leisure parks, botanical gardens, zoos. Wildlife sanctuaries, holiday resorts, museums and cultural artifacts centres.
  • Orgranize cultural festivals, trade fairs, film festivals, book fairs, award talent shows, and exhibitions of cultural artifacts.
  • Document touristic sites and develop them for touristic purposes.
  • Manage and run beaches and touristic centres across the country
  • Provide pleasure hotels/cottages, boats, ships, and safari vans for tourist
  • Redefine the African cultural image as perceived by most non-African people
  • Train in entrepreneurship and customer services
  • Build and manage small, medium and large stadia in all local counties, gyms and sports complexes in all communities.
  • Develop and vigorously promote and market Ambazonian tourism potentials.


good governance chart
  • Eliminate bribery and corruption in all its forms
  • Monitor, evaluate and audit all projects carried out by the federal Ambazonian government departments and ministries/boards.
  • Ensure quality and functional compliance with statutory rules and regulations in enforce
  • Ensure that projects meet the maximum human development index and safety rules
  • Ensure good governance practices, transparency and accountable leadership
  • Ensure separation of judiciary, legislative and executive arms
  • Ensure gender equity, minority rights, human and animal rights are respected
  • Ensure that national products get ISO Certification and international accreditation and reputation especially to the degree that such certifications correspond to national produce regulatory laws.
  • Run counseling units and conduct extra-judiciary hearings in order to resolve civil matters and misdemeanors.
  • Resolve conflicts and sanction defaulters or bring defaulters to justice
  • Independently manage national, county, local government and precinct electoral processes. Conduct fair and transparent elections whenever and wherever need be to ensure that the most talented people are given a chance to sit on executive boards and conduct national activities for the gtood of the State and her people.


  • Improve on the business climate within the nation.
  • Encourage international trade and foreign investment in the nation
  • Encourage business creation and sustainability in all domains
  • Promote investments in retail, services and manufacturing
  • Ensure there is a positive balance sheet and guarantee a breakout growth of above 7%
  • Train entrepreneurs and equip them with tools such as finances and security to go operational thereby increasing the number of people doing business.
  • Ensure that 40% of the populations are millionaires and 80% of the populations are living above the poverty line by 2020.
  • Encourage innovation and craftsmanship using locally available corals, faunas, etc.
  • Ensure that employer-employee relations are mutually beneficial and sustainable
  • Maintain acceptable levels of employment and best labour conditions and security.
  • Encourage youths participation in bringing forth scientific and technological innovations and provide trainings for such effect


evaluation graph

1. Resource Indicators

  • Positive changes in land use and ecosystems
  • Favorable changes in air quality especially in emissions of gasses such as carbon dioxide, chlorofluorocarbons, NOx and Sox
  • Positive changes in biodiversity especially protected areas and protection of wildlife epecially endangered species.
  • Growth in the consumption of energy resources. There will be positive changes in the use of energy resources.
  • Positive current account balance to GDP ratio thus there will be net changes in financial assets.
  • The value of the net capital stock will improve over time thus net changes in produced assets will be experienced.
  • Multi-factor productivity growth will be experienced epecially in the technological domain.
  • There will be a positive change in the proportion of the population with upper secondary and tertiary qualifications thus human capital will be enriched
  • There will be a tremendous growth in the expenditure on education thus leading to investment in human capital.
  • Standard unemployment rates will be maintained due to depreciation of human capital.
  • Quality leisure facilities will be available and highly utilized due to increases in income levels.

2. Outcome Indicators

  • Increased household final consumption expenditure per capita.
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduction in waste
  • Improved income distribution
  • Improved health, thus life expectancy and environment related health expenditure.
  • Very low unemployment rate.
  • Educated and skillful citizenry
  • Social stability