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Refugees and Asylees


As Cameroun declares war on our homeland, abducts, and tortures our people as prisoners of war, attacks and rapes our girls and women in our homeland, and shoots our young men in our streets with impunity, and our people present counter-resistance in self-defense, fleeing the war zone (our homeland entirely) may become the most viable solution to stay alive and safe. There are a couple of points our citizens should take note of:

  • If you flee from Ambazonia and seek entry into a foreign country such as Nigeria because of the persecution in our homeland, you will be categorized as a refugee.
  • Note that about 3 million Nigerians in Cameroun will also be displaced and Ekok road will be very heavily controlled by La Republique.

So what is the immediate contingency plan for Emergency Response (@ Tassang Wilfred)?

1.) First of all, have sufficient food stocked to last at least a month, but also have some cash in case you have to leave.

2.) Be home before 6 pm, remain indoors and avoid any kind of night movements no matter how important. Except human life is at stake.

3.) No drinking in beer parlours/ bars and discothèques, as these are absolutely risky places in times like these. Save that money. You will need it sooner or later to save yourself or family.

4.) Keep a close watch on your environment and be careful of responding to questions from unknown persons. Keep quiet inside Taxis, even if they want you to join a discussion on "Anglophone Crises"

5.) Use more of the local language (dialects) instead of English in street communications.

6.) Keep all children at home under close supervision even if their schools are next door.

7.) Move out your children and families from town to the villages NOW or when the situation in town becomes unsafe.

8.) If the situation in the villages become unsafe as well, move further inland to stay with relatives in places that are relatively remote or hard to reach farmlands.

9.) As a last resort or final option, and where resources or circumstances allow, *cross over to Nigeria* for refuge and protection of the international community.

10.) Once inside Nigeria, immediately seek for National Refugee Protection by calling the following contact numbers of the Nigerian National Commission for Refugees, Migrants, and Internally Displaced Persons:

Upon calling these numbers, you will be directed to safe locations where you will be registered, provided with temporary documentation that can allow you to move around to anywhere in Nigeria without harassment. No payments, no international passports or ID cards are required for registration, but it is advisable that you have any form of (national) identification (ID) card although lack of such identification will not stop you from being registered or provided assistance. You will then be notified of the next steps.

Please, avoid crossing into Cameroun territory, except when you just cannot do without. The AGC has run some scenario experiments that have shown that there is 86% possibility of hostility by citizens of Cameroun against Ambazonians when Ambazonians cross over into Cameroun territory under the “war-time, state-sponsored terrorism dispensation” that Cameroun has imposed on us.


If you are already in a foreign country such as Nigeria, Britain, USA, Germany, etc and do not want to go back home to Ambazonia because you have a credible fear for your life or persecution due to the political instability and terror that Paul Biya’s Cameroun regime has imposed on our homeland, and if you seek to remain in the foreign country because of this fear, you will be categorized as an Asylee when granted the permission by that country to stay therein. Article 14 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states: “(1) Everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution. (2) This right may not be invoked in the case of prosecutions genuinely arising from non-political crimes or from acts contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations.” Most countries as nations of laws respect this human right and have other laws within the nation that you may need an immigration attorney in the country to assist you with navigating the sometimes complex system.

  • Speak with other Ambazonians in the country in which you are and they can provide some guidance in helping you find the right assistance.
  • They are pro-bono (for free) legal firms in many countries that can prepare your case and represent you before the appropriate immigration authorities. Do a little research online and call them for assistance. There are other groups such as Catholic Charity that also provide such services in some countries at a very low cost. If you are smart, you can sometimes present your case directly without assistance.
  • As an asylee, never forget that your destiny remains tied to the freedom of the homeland. Join in demonstrations and other events being organized in the diaspora to bring international attention and to prosecute the freedom of our homeland once and for all. Your contribution in all forms to the revolution remains important. Do not forget those who are suffering under occupation in the homeland and are in self-defense mode for the freedom of our territory…they need your support whether in or out of prisons.