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Travel Within Ambazonia


These days of our independence revolution are inarguably tough days for travelers even within our homeland. This is because the forces of the occupier (Cameroun) are constantly adducting our people as prisoners of war. This is also because the government of Cameroun intentionally over the last five and a half decade has by design ensured that the transportation network connecting cities in Ambazonia is poor; consequently, our citizens most often have to travel through foreign land of Cameroun where they are subjected to terrible random search, detention, and extortion by the gendarmes and police of Cameroun before they re-enter our homeland. The following are titbits to guide our citizens to travel safely in the homeland:

  • Travel only if absolutely necessary
  • Avoid going through Cameroun in your travel route. To the extent possible, stay within the Ambazonia territory
  • Inform at least two people before your travel. Tell them at what intervals you will communicate with them (once every 30minutes is good). Tell them that if they do not read or hear from you after the 30minutes interval, they should reach out to you. When you communicate, alert them where you are on your journey path.
  • When in a car, communicate the number plate, color, agency, and some information about the others in the car to your family or friends.
  • Avoid traveling at night. Again, stay away from night travel!!
  • To the fullest extent possible, travel with others whom you know.
  • Do not talk to people you do not know about the freedom revolution while in a car. Play the dumb on this subject. The Cameroun government has spy agents dressed in civilian attire in many taxis and buses who initiate discussions on the revolution, see where your reasoning, and abduct you if you speak in favor of the independence revolution.
  • If there is certain impending danger ahead, you all should cause the driver of the taxi or bus to stop immediately. Step out of the car and only proceed if the danger no longer exists. Your safety and life has greater value than the purpose of your journey and/or your luggage.
  • Avoid sleeping during the journey. Stay awake!



Roadblocks will be increasingly common. They will usually be hidden round a corner in the road such that they take you by surprise. They will usually be for money extortion. The Cameroun military in their lawlessness will usually get brutal with the least resistance from our Ambazonian citizens at a roadblock.

Keep your hands in sight. If you are to carry any action intended to overpower the road blockers, ensure you are ready for it full scale – not to allow yourself to be captured by to overcome the enemy. Without your numerical advantage and some self-defense materials, engaging the armed road blockers will usually not be advisable.

If staying in the vehicle is not possible, stay together with others – avoid wandering around alone at a roadblock, especially if you are female.

Keep all doors locked and if possible, windows closed.

Avoid taking pictures of military checkpoints, roadblocks or facilities (the military will likely suspect that you are gathering information for the liberation forces to use in attacking them). If things start getting off hand and you can hide and take some videos or pictures, that is good. Quickly upload on social media, especially Facebook or WhatsApp and then delete immediately.

Kidnapping & Abduction

The agents of Cameroun in the name of police, gendarmes, BIRs, etc are kidnapping many of our Ambazonia citizens. Over four hundred (400) of our citizens have been kidnapped in the last six months and are in bunkers, maximum detention prisons, or unmarked mass graves today. The abduction of our citizens as a prisoner of war has become the new daily normal. You can take certain measures to avoid being kidnapped/abducted during your travel:

In all cases of kidnapping and abduction, the kidnapper/abductors are less in control and the moment of ceasing you. As time passes, your abductors gain more control over you and you become less and less in control. Very many kidnapping and abductions attempts are foiled because the individual acts fast and unexpectedly.

  • If driving a vehicle, and if you can quickly change your direction of travel, do so immediately.
  • Follow your intuition or gut instinct. Assume that if something does not seem right, then it is not right!! Get out of the area!!
  • Scream, blow whistles, call attention to the scene.
  • Do everything you can to stop the abduction. If you must kill in self-defense, kill the abductors with whatever you have got. Cut the throats, tear the eyes with a key, pock your finger deep into the eyes of your abductor, etc. Poke the abductor in the eyes; hit or kick the groin, nose, throat, or kidneys; scrape your foot hard against his shin; stomp on the top of his foot with your heel, or stomp out sideways into his knee. Your elbows, knees and the palm of your hand are good striking weapons.
  • If your abductors are many and armed as is often the case with the military of Cameroun and you are alone with no weapon, the least you can do is cooperate to stay alive. But making a scene such as screaming or blowing a whistle is still okay.
  • Lying to win the favor or sympathy of your abductors is praiseworthy. A lady lying to a soldier that she has HIV so as to avoid being raped is godly.


  • There is no advice that can be given to our citizens than to advise them to stay away from an active firearm environment.
  • If you are shot at, move and move fast.
  • If you are in a group or crowd being shot at, scatter in different directions that will confuse the Cameroun soldier shooting at you.
  • Ambazonians, do not take cover behind a vehicle. A vehicle provides you a three seconds opportunity to run away, but most of its body can be penetrated by bullets. The 7.62mm round used by the AK-47, which is the common assault rifle in a war zone, will penetrate the body of a car easily – except the engine block that is rarely penetrated by a bullet.
  • If you are part of a crowd and the shooting soldiers are very few, you may be able to overpower them. Ten soldiers with guns usually flee in the presence of a 20,000 population crowd.

Travel to Ambazonia


Ambazonia is a beautiful territory under colonization by Cameroun that is ruled by the worst dictator, Paul Biya who has been in power for 34years, and a corrupt government of kleptomaniacs in Africa. Over the years, through intentional design, all infrastructure that could allow Ambazonians to travel from abroad and arrive directly on Ambazonian soil has been destroyed by the Cameroun government so that our citizens will be subjected to illegal search, brutality, and abductions as they travel to our homeland through Cameroun. The Tiko International Airport and the Bessong-Abbang Airport, for example, were shot down, and the lone Airport in Bamenda has been converted into a military base to terrorize and oppress our people. Many Ambazonian’s homes have been abducted by the Cameroun officials at the airport and taken to unknown destinations. Others have been put back in the airplane and sent back. The following are some of the titbits to assist Ambazonians abroad traveling to the homeland:

  • Check the website of different embassies such as the American Embassy for travel warnings to Cameroun. Take the warnings seriously!
  • Except you must travel to Ambazonia, do not travel!
  • If you have citizenship in another country, inform the ministry or secretariat charged with foreign affairs in the country of your other citizenship of your intention to travel to Cameroun and give them your travel schedule before traveling. You can also call the embassy of that country and alert them. Tell them explicitly that should you not call them to notify of your safe arrival by a particular time, they should place you on a search alert.

Pa Zama deported back to the USA when he landed at the Douala Airport