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The declaration of a State of Emergency by the government of Cameroun in our homeland as their occupied territory under the banner of “SECURITY ENFORCEMENT” basically means that martial law has been declared, which allows the military to act. Normally, this should be under legal provisions, However, experience has shown us that under martial law, the military of Cameroun basically does whatever it pleases to our people. In other words, the declaration of a state of emergency by Cameroun in our homeland implies that the tyrant, paul Biya, is authorizing the military of Cameroun to do to us whatever it pleases. This is a dangerous state of affairs. The following are tips to survive a state of emergency in our homeland:


  • The best thing to do is not to be in a place where the military is present. If you can leave the urban centers into an environment far away from where you know best and where the military is absent or less present, that is the best option to stay safe. It is better to make a hasty retreat for the village or hinterlands or forest than to regret later why you waited so long to evacuate. Stay undercover in a way that makes it difficult for anyone to see you. Avoid colors such as red dresses. Generally, wear something that will make you blend or camouflage with the environment you are in.
  • Avoid line of sight. Stay away from open places. Trees and tool bushes that conceal you are your friends.
  • Slowly belly crawl readily. Do not overburden yourself with things that make it difficult for you to drop on your stomach, head low to the ground, and move very slowly like a snail in a way that you are not breaking tree branches and making noises.
  • Get some malaria, typhoid, pains, headache and fever relief medications such as paracetamol and Ibuprofen with you.
  • Do not be in a haste. Patience is a virtue to survive under martial law. If you spot any movements around you, take cover and remain in hiding till the enemy passes. Do not just blindly and quickly trust anyone.
  • If you are in an area a few days, you may notice that the soldiers have a trail. In other words, they follow certain paths or routes regularly. Stay away from the trail. You may not like swamps, wetlands and step bushy hills – make them your friends when you need them to stay safe.
  • Do not choose the easy way out so quickly. Take the path that offers the greatest resistance to the soldiers. Generally, take a path that no one in their right mind will easily take. The steepest gully and greatest hilly sites that are still passable are good for your escape.
  • Instinctively cover your tracks. Avoid braking branches, avoid flattening the grass, avoid footmarks in damp soil, don’t drop litter where it can be seen, and avoid producing smoke from where it can be seen. If you see a shallow and clear spring, it is preferable that you walk inside it for a little distance before stepping back on land.
  • Fool pursuers and potential pursuers if you have the time. In other words, do something that will divert your pursuers to follow a different route while you are on a different track. Throw some litter, old clothes, etc in the wrong direction. Throw water or urinate in one direction, create directional footprints there, but cover your tracks and go by a different direction.
  • Go light: a backpack (“baba-bag”) is far preferable than a box. DO NOT CARRY HEAVY STUFF ON YOUR HEAD. Take lets clothes. Wear trousers and get a pullover to cover your body. Carry less water into the bush. Most of our springs in forested areas are in very clean mode.
  • Get a small torch or flashlight you can use when extremely necessary. If you can get a headlamp like the one that hunters use so that your hands are free, the better. A couple of emergency candles and a lighter will be good. Avoid lighters (matches) that will get wet and will be unusable when you need them.
  • Carry at least one light weapon with you: a knife is good.
  • Eat fruits, sugarcane, and other things you know. please, do not just eat anything you come across. There is a lot in our natural environment that we already eat. Go for it!
  • BE VERY CAREFUL ABOUT ANYTHING YOU SAY, especially to anyone you do not know. people can betray your location and tracks if caught!!
  • Do not take chances assuming that you have gone far away enough. Be ready to increase the distance between you and the terrorists of Cameroun in the name of soldiers. Remote areas will make hunting easy for you.
  • Wear protective shoes that make snake bites and the wounding on your feet difficult. Rubber boats are good in the rainy season and some tennis shoes in the dry season. To be on the safe side, assume that any snake bite you may get is from a poisonous snake.


Do not forget to pass your experience and the history of our freedom revolution to the children. They must never take freedom tomorrow for granted.