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Citizen Registration

All accounts are anonymous. Your ID number is yours alone and you can keep in a secured place. Making any contributions to the struggle during this registration is optional. The contribution can be one time or recurrent.

First, create an account which we will use to communicate with you internally, then log in and register yourself. You can also get an Ambazonian ID Card if you want. The ID Card will bear the name you want us to use and the State of Ambazonia you chose to show up on your ID.

You also have the option of getting an Ambazonia passport if you desire. At this time, the passport is not to be used for international travels. However, just as our flag, it is a symbol of our national and state pride, a reflection of our determination to separate from La Republique du Cameroun, a symbol of our identification with our State of Ambazonia in the making, and a way of contributing to the struggle. We have made significant diplomatic progress in having a country recognize and seat our government, which will include a recognition of our passport. When that happens, we will inform you. We will give you the steps to take to get your biometric passport done that will be recognized by that country and others to follow.