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Freedom of Peaceful Assembly

Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association.

(Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 20)

Peaceful assembly does not exist in Cameroun insofar as it has anything to do with the right to self-determination of the Ambazonian people that is provided for under international law. All peaceful gatherings of Ambazonians to discuss or express their right to self-determination, whether in conferences, meetings at homes, or by demonstrations and marches on the streets are met with the cruelty of a Cameroun government regime that attacks, brutalizes, rapes, tortures and kills the Ambazonian people in terrorists and war style.

Peaceful assembly in such forms as marches and demonstrations, motionless protests, press conferences, public and private meetings, and “sit-ins” including sitting-in at home as in Ghost Towns is a form of public expression. These expression is one of the corner stones of a democratic society. The prevailing dispensation in Ambazonia wherein every peaceful assembly of the Ambazonian people to express their right to self-determination is met with terror from Cameroun is a blatant violation of the fundamental human right to peaceful assembly. These violations demonstrate and justify why the Ambazonian believes and knows he or she will never live in peace under occupation by Cameroun, and must rise to free Ambazonia from the terrorists sent by the government of Cameroun into our communities as heavily armed military men and women.