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Stop Destroying our Education

With the current schools’ shutdown in Ambazonia, parents and students are advised to enroll here free of charge for online education.

University of Mamfe

In current day Ambazonia, under occupation by La Republique du Cameroun, many of our kids are being untaught by unqualified teachers imposed on our schools by the government in Yaounde. Most of these ill-trained teachers speak in a language that our children do not understand, an admixture of French, English, and Pidgin. Students are taught in overcrowded classrooms, poorly constructed schools and environment, and with a student to teacher ratio of over 80:1. Citizens of Ambazonia are continuously discriminated against in professional schools where they could graduate and serve as excellent teachers and lecturers for our students.

To continue the systematic and effective ploy and destruction of the Ambazonia territory, culture and people of Southern Cameroons, the government of La Republique du Cameroun aligned the schools calendar in the Southern Cameroons to that in Republique du Cameroun, teacher training colleges in the Southern Cameroons were closed down, primary education under-funded and secondary education under constant threat of adulteration, and the said government requested the American government to shut down the American educational programs, such as African Scholarship Program for American Universities (ASPAU) and AFGRAD that provided scholarships to deserving Southern Cameroons students to enable them to study in the USA. The government of Cameroun also demanded that Britain stop the British Technical Assistance that it was providing to Southern Cameroons.

This phenomenon in 2016 led to all students and parent strike with the collaboration of excellent Ambazonian teachers, including the shutting down of all schools in our Ambazonian territory for more than a year without effective schools’ resumption in sight. Parents, students, and teachers demand excellent education standards that only the new Ambazonia state can guarantee. The protest was met with rape and violence from the government mercenaries of La Republique du Cameroun even as students shouted, “No violence”.


The Anglo-Saxon system of education is our heritage, and we work to achieve high educational standards in a technologically advanced and in an environment that is conducive to learning and continuous research. Students should be able to apply the knowledge gained in the classroom to improve their lives and the living standards in their neighborhoods. The furtherance of studies should be within the financial reach of ordinary Ambazonians. The high breed of Ambazonia intellectuals and professionals should attract international travels into Ambazonia for services in areas such as healthcare and for continuous business investments because of our rich labor force.

The State in collaboration with the private sector will focus on promoting student achievement and preparation for local and global competitiveness by fostering educational excellence, skills development, holistic formation, and ensuring equal access. Private individuals, institutions, and the state will engage in providing grants and scholarships to our citizens to study. To ensure that all citizens are educated, both primary and secondary school education will be compulsory. Primary school education will be free and secondary school education will be highly subsidized.