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Human Rights & Services

Department of Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs

The Ambazonia Governing Council (AGC) Department of Human Rights and


Humanitarian Affairs is mandated to promote and protect human rights for all within and without the Territory of Ambazonia. The Human rights and Humanitarian Affairs Department speaks objectively in the face of human rights violations, upholds the human rights of the Ambazonian people especially as precribed in the Fundamental Declaration of Human Rights, the Charter of the African Union and the UN Charter, and provides timely humanitarian relief in times of disaster or crisis.

The creation of the Department in 2015 came as a result of the gross human rights violation meted on the people of Ambazonia by the arm forces of La Republigue due cameroun. The department is mandated to investigate and follow up human rights violation cases and collaborate with the necessary for the apprehension of its culprits.

The Department is responsible for identifying, highlighting and responding to cases of human rights violations, human rights challenges within Ambazonia, Advocate, educate and sensitized the general public on human rights and humanitarian issues as well as conduct research and carry out activities that will enforce and strengthen human rights standards, respect and uphold universal human rights standard according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international Human Rights instruments.     

The Department of Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs is charged with the responsibility to collaborate and hold the government accountable to uphold its duty to provide, protect, and fulfill its responsibility under international Humanitarian law and Human rights Law to its citizens.


The department assists other entities within the AGC Ambazonia with the responsibility to protect and promote human rights to fulfill their obligations as rights holders and protectors.

The Department is also charged with the responsibility to promoting and encouraging the respect for human rights for all without discrimination as to race, sex, nationality, language, religion and colour as stipulated in the UDHR, the UN charter and other international legal instruments.

The Department is tasked with mainstreaming human rights and humanitarian relief within the organization and within Ambazonia, that is, infusing a human rights perspective within the legal documents governing Ambazonia and by so doing, ensuring human rights respect as one of the main pillars of Ambazonia.

The department in times of disaster and internal movement or displaced persons provides immediate humanitarian assistance within 72 hours of awareness of the reported incident to the department.

The department is also charged with the duty to collaborate with international bodies responsible or working in the light to promote and protect human rights across the globe.

AGC Ambazonia Governing Council Head of Department of Human Rights and Services

Amabo Cecilia Binwi

Director of Human Rights and Humanitarian Services

(Head of Department)