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Ambazonia National Scholarship Project

The Ambazonia National Scholarship Program, alias “Amba from Day 1” is an education-based program to train Ambazonians for the knowledge and the kinds of skills that will be needed to build Ambazonia especially within the first fifteen years of its statehood. We are not going to exist for twenty years before starting a politically fictitious “Emergence” program that starts in “2035” as pertains in La Republique du Cameroun. This Scholarship Program is tailored towards making the State of Ambazonia an Emerging Country from Day 1. The speedy recovery and development of Rwanda after a bitter experience in 1994 to a beacon of growth and development in Africa where many sometimes wonder whether Kigali is in Africa tells us that it takes dedicated leaders and people with the right spirit, skills, knowledge and strategic target and use of resources to turn a nation round in the right development direction in little or no time.

“Amba from Day 1” is administered through the different Departments of the AGC and involve a tough scrutiny process, a covenant with the Ambazonia people to begin providing services during the freedom revolution and when needed in future.

All Ambazonians are explicitly or implicitly part of this program as nation building will be a collective responsibility and duty. Some persons will be learners and trainees, and others will be mentors and trainers.

How It Works

  • Complete the Volunteer Now form and upload a Resume, or provide details in your area of skills and capabilities.
  • After review by an independent third party, the AGC will contact you for a project test.
  • You will then be enrolled in the specialized area as a mentor, mentee, services provider, and/or continuous education or training.