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Rural Development Assistance


The Rural Development Assistance (RUDA) is a grant based assistance program provided by the Ambazonia Governing Council (AGC) to the most vulnerable segment of our population in rural areas or villages for the improvement of their lives.


  • • The principal purpose of RUDA is to discourage the begging spirit in Africa, and to make Ambazonians productive by thinking, investing, and working for their own growth and development.
  • • Encourage ingenuity in the rural Ambazonian population
  • • Promote collaboration among residents in rural Ambazonia for the development of their communities
  • • Train leaders in the administration of government-funded programs through guidelines, field practice, and accountability.
  • • Foster health, economic, leadership, agriculture, work, public safety, education and social wellbeing in rural Ambazonia
  • • To train current and future leaders of Ambazonia through the AGC to focus on the interest of our people and communities in a spirit of justice and fairness as opposed to self-interest, nepotism, tribalism, favoritism, greed, bribery and corruption that have become the self-killing viruses at the heart of the government of the Republic of Cameroun. Ambazonia must abandon the gods of governance vices and evil that have become the reigning norms for control and survival under the Republic of Cameroun.


RUDA is funded through donations and contributions made to the AGC by the public at large. Contributors or donors of these funds may earmark them as specifically for the RUDA program, in which case the funds provided are directed to RUDA totally or partially as the contributor might have indicated. Some of these funds are made directly here on the AGC website, while others are provided through different funds raising efforts.


RUDA is administered by the Division of Social and Community Development in the Department of Internal Affairs of the Ambazonia Governing Council. The directors of the program are a team of thirteen persons, one from each Ambazonian County, seven women and six men. The Board meets every four months to evaluate and decide on applications, examine reports and funding, promote relations with partners, adopt policies and put in place mechanisms to ensure that the expected outcome of the grant is attained.

Areas of Grant Funding

RUDA is broad-based. It covers the following areas:


  • • Health
  • • Agriculture
  • • Microbusiness
  • • Target skills training with a measurable impact of the acquired knowledge/skills in the local community
  • • Transportation
  • • Environment
  • • Energy


  • 1. All applications must be submitted online through this website to ensure they are received. Simply upload at an attachment in the contact us area. Applications can be written by hands or typed. Applications are received any time of the year
  • 2. Applications must meet the following minimum criteria to be accepted (different from approved for funding):
    • • At least five persons are involved in the project
    • • All applicants in the project must be Ambazonians
    • • The subject community must be in Ambazonia
    • • The scope of the project, how it will be carried out, the expected outcome and the impact on the community must clear and potentially visible or measurable.
    • • At least 20% of the financial cost of the project (excluding labor and existing materials from the applicants) must be provided by the applicants themselves – not some other matching source.

Approval and Funding

  • 1. One principle of the funding is to rotate the approved projects among the different Ambazonia counties. In other words, except there are no applications from other counties, the AGC strives not to repeat funding within a previously funded county when there are applications from other counties.
  • 2. The maximum funds currently provided for a project is 350,000 FRS CFA.
  • 3. If an application is approved and the funds are available, the AGC proceeds with funding the project.
  • 4. 50% of the approved grant funds are provided at the beginning and the rest of the funds are provided intermittently as the Board determines the project is progressing rightly.


  • • Applicants are required to submit project progress reports every thirty to sixty days after funding is provided
  • • A complete project reported must be submitted at the end of the project or when the expected outcome is realized.


  • • RUDA projects are continuously evaluated as they progress.
  • • An independent project inspector and overseer unknown to the applicant follows up the project throughout its progress and submit confidential reports to the RUDA Board.
  • • If the Board determines any falsehood or acts of corruption in the use of the grant funds, 50% of the grant funds are immediately deducted as penalty. If a second incidence is detected, grant funding stops immediately.

Total number of projects funded to date: 16

Total number of projects wherein the Board had to stop funding because of falsehood and corruption: 3.