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Renaissance Projects

Road to Airport Road to Airport Road to Airport Menchum fall for the Construction of a Hydro Power that will provide electricity throughout Ambazonia and beyond Road to Airport Yoke Hydroelectric Power: Destroyed and Abandoned Asset shall be rehabilitated, expanded and shall provide energy in Ambazonia. Road to Airport


2019 - 2024 / 2025 - 2030

(A) Proposed Objectives: The objectives of these projects are innumerable. Some of these are to:

1) Rebrand the nation and its citizens as world-class types.

2) Revamp the economy of the state in line with the post-Millennium Development Goals.

3) Raise the standard of living of all citizens in the country to amiable levels. In this light, provide and guarantee

  • a) free medical care to all citizens
  • b) free education and training to all citizens at the informal and formal sectors up to high school
  • c) unemployment benefits to vulnerable citizens
  • d) available incentives, salaries, and a good minimum wage to encourage workers to perform optimally
  • e) quality food to all citizens at all time and places f) conducive healing to all citizens
  • g) security and excellent sanitary conditions for all citizens
  • h) constant fresh water and electrical energy to all citizens in the country
  • i) good roads and excellent transport facilities to all citizens
  • j) enabling environment and all room for the adequate development and prosperity of all citizens the best of their abilities
  • k) Best sports and leisure facilities for all citizens
  • l) Best legal, judiciary and administrative practices for all the citizens and partners to work and proper in the nation
  • m) Best fiscal and monetary policies for business and citizens to thrive

4) Make the country the most lovely destination for all medical and socio–cultural tourists, business and leisure fans across the globe

5) Sustainable use national human and natural resources preserve the national patrimony, prestige ecosystem and protect citizens of the state all over the world

6) Respect all national and international conventions in the spirit of goodwill, responsibility, transparency, and accountability and good governance

(B) Resources/sources of funding: Resources to accomplish these noble objectives shall be drawn from

  • a) the sustainable exploitation of the natural resources
  • b) the contributions of the citizens and friends of the nation
  • c) donations from goodwill partners organization, counts people
  • d) public-private partnership programmes
  • e) loans and gratuities
  • f) sale of state bonds
  • g) proceeds from business ventures
  • h) bilateral, cooperation and partnership
  • i) foreign direct investment
  • j) compensation and fines from colonies
  • k) reparations
  • l) remittances

(C) Source funding and construct the following: Proposed Key federation projects 2018-2024 / 2025 – 2030

  • Construction of Reference Educational and Health infrastructure nationwide.
  • Double carriageways to all states/counties namely:
    • Fako-Meme-Kupe
    • Maneguba-Lebialem-Mamfe-Akwaya-Menchum-Boyo-Bui-Nkambe-Ngoketunje-Mezam-Ndian
  • Construction of an interstate railway line
  • Major tarred roads to all local, government areas
  • Construction of many industries of goods of necessity
  • Construction of Tiko and Bamenda International Airports and County Airships
  • Construction of administrative building and accommodation for workers in all states
  • Construction of Victoria deep seaport
  • Construction of fishing ports/villages/fish farms
  • Rehabilitation of Tiko, Idenau, Ekondo, Tiko and Bota wharfs
  • Construction of a state refineries Bakassi and Mamfe
  • Rehabilitation of Yoke hydro-electric power station
  • Construction of markets, hotels, slaughterhouses, and cold stores.
  • Construction of the Menchum Hydroelectric Power Station and Alternative Energy.
  • Construction of banks, supply plants, barracks, and marketing boards
  • Establishment of Agro-industrial concerns - CDCs in Akwaya, Bakarri, Mamfe, Nwa, Ndunga and Mantung, Menchum, Ngoketunje, Kupe Mameguba, Lebialem, Boyo, Bui and Mezam.
  • Construction of International Stadia in Kumba, Bamenda and States Stadia in all 13 states
  • Industrial Agriculture farming in Tiko, Mungo and Bakani creeks
  • Rehabilitation of the Victoria shipyard and construction of inland and coastal leisure areas
  • Construction of inter-city infrastructure and water works
  • Construction of fresh water supply project and sewage disposal plants
  • Telecommunication infrastructure
  • Design a 5 years development plans for the nation/counties/LGAs

Menchum fall for the Construction of a Hydro Power that will provide electricity throughout Ambazonia and beyond

Ideal Projected Jobs for 2019-2024/2025-2030 (approximate population: 6.5million)

  Primary 50,000
  Informal Training /Skills Acquisition Centres 30,000
  Secondary, Vocational and Technical 33,000
  Higher Education and Research 10,000
  Primary Healthcare / Public Hygiene and Sanitation 65,000
  Nursing 10,000
  Doctors 6,500
  Technicians 6,500
C Agriculture / Aquaculture/agribusiness 3,500,000
D Tourism, Nature protection and Hospitality Mgt 100,000
E Trade and commerce 500,000
F Energy and Water supply 100,000
G Banking and Finance 100,000
H Transport 100,000
I Telecommunication 100,000
J Infrastructure 100,000
K Industry and Natural Resource Exploitation 100,000
L Service providers 350,000
M Clothing/Textile 30,000
N Administration 35,000

Recommended by the Economic Council Ambazonia Governing Council, AGC

You cannot bargain for anything less than this. We cannot wait to see an emergent state that would lift us out of the present mess and quagmire.